Sex and the City, The Tour

“Sex and the City” stopped shooting in 2003, but for the residents of Perry Street between Bleecker and West Fourth the show hasnt gone away. Twice a day (three times on weekends), around fifty tourists, the majority of them women and about half of them foreign, stream down the block and form a line across the street from No. 66: Carries house. (Although Carrie Bradshaw, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was said to live on East Seventy-third Street, her comings and goings were actually filmed on Perry.) The tourists take turns sitting on the stoop and posing for pictures, and after twenty minutes or so they return to a bus on Hudson, near the Magnolia Bakery, eager to move along to Hotel Venus, the next stop on whats known as the Sex and the City Tour. They pay thirty-seven dollars for the privilege.

Já eu não posso deixar de visitar a esquina onde moram os Friends na minha próxima ida a NYC. 😉

O lugar

Direto do Anil Dash:

For those of you who live in the United States or are familiar with its culture, imagine a place that starts with a political and social system that’s identical to today’s United States, but has a few significant differences.

In this place, most people speak more than one language. Almost no one owns a car, even the millionaires. Many people don’t even know someone who owns a car. There’s no Wal-Mart, no Target, no Home Depot.

People regularly and willingly use mass transit to get around for the few things they can’t approach on foot. Almost every neighborhood has the basic amenities in walking distance, like a hardware store or dry cleaner or drug store, and they’re almost all mom-and-pop operations, not multinational chains.

Existem batatais e batatais.

Do abismo ao Fundo

E de repente eu não sinto mais saudades de morar em NYC. 😀

Pela segunda vez em trinta anos, Nova York está à beira do abismo financeiro. O déficit do ano que vem vai passar de US$ 1 bilhão, e o de 2004 pode passar de 6.


Ninguém vai escapar de mais impostos e menos serviços.

[O Prefeito] Bloomberg quer trazer de volta um imposto que foi cancelado pelo governador há três anos e era cobrado daqueles que trabalhavam, mas não moravam na cidade. [eu!]

Bloomberg quer o imposto de volta, multiplicado por seis.