Notes from a n00b

In preparation for this transition I’ve read a couple of books and redirected my RSS and twitter streams adwards. But already in 4 days I’ve learned more from a few concentrated conversations than from hours of reading. So maybe I’ve been reading the wrong books and blogs, or reading them badly.

But perhaps it’s a very analogue notion that knowledge is stored on paper and a digital notion that knowledge is amalgamated in crowds. Everyone is an expert in something, everyone has a specialist subject or a unique take on an issue – the challenge is finding them and unlocking their knowledge. And face-to-face beats distance learning every time.

Legal ver os pensamentos de um cara que, como eu, está na primeira semana de trabalho em uma grande agência, sem nunca ter trabalhado em uma antes. Principalmente esta parte em que a gente se toca de estar no meio dos cabeçudos muitas vezes vale mais do que ler um livro — se você souber aproveitar.